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Entertainment Tourism Alliance of Georgia exists to educate, advocate, and promote tourism and economic development associated with the

entertainment industry in the State of Georgia.


Three Primary Initiatives


             1. Support and develop the most efficient and effective collection of entertainment tourism data.

             2. Support entertainment industry workforce development with a focus on the tourism and 
                  hospitality industry.

             3. Optimize and support future entertainment tourism opportunities.


Support and Develop the Most Efficient and
Effective Collection of Entertainment Tourism Data:


Background: The tourism and travel industry made a substantial $73 billion economic impact on the state of Georgia in 2022. However, within this vast economic landscape, the exact contribution of the entertainment industry remains elusive. It is recognized that entertainment plays a role, but there is a lack of specific data to quantify its exact impact.



Goals for 2023-24:

  • Case Studies: ETAG aims to foster a close collaboration with various segments of the entertainment industry. The objective is to identify and seize significant opportunities for conducting in-depth case studies. These case studies will encompass different aspects of entertainment tourism, including music festivals, film and television productions, video gaming, and Esports tournaments. Each case study will aim to dissect the economic impact, job creation, and cultural influence.

  • Academic Partnerships: To execute these case studies effectively

       and rigorously, ETAG plans to establish strategic and long-term partnerships with key universities in Georgia. These       

       partnerships will facilitate access to academic resources, research capabilities, and a pool of enthusiastic researchers who           can delve into the intricacies of entertainment tourism.

  • Data Dissemination: The findings from these case studies will be meticulously documented and analyzed. ETAG will take a proactive approach in communicating these findings to both the entertainment industry and the broader tourism and travel sector. This sharing of valuable data is vital in raising awareness about the significance of entertainment tourism.

  • Advocacy: While data collection and sharing are essential, data recognition at a state and national level is equally crucial. ETAG will collaborate with existing advocates, entertainment organizations, and state-elected officials. The primary objective here is to ensure that entertainment tourism's contributions are not only recognized but also acknowledged in official industry data reports. This recognition can pave the way for targeted support and development within the entertainment industry.


Support Entertainment Industry Workforce Development with a
Focus on Tourism and Hospitality:

Background: In the period of 2021-2022, it was evident that nearly 500,000 jobs in Georgia were directly linked to the tourism, travel, and film/television industry. Interestingly, many of the skills required for success in the film and television sector are transferable to the emerging video gaming and esports sectors. Furthermore, the state's university system had already taken proactive steps to introduce specialized courses and certifications to support these industries. Not to be overlooked is the hospitality sector, which plays an indispensable role in hosting and catering to the entertainment industry. Historically, the hospitality industry has been plagued by a high turnover rate, necessitating continuous training and skills development.


Goals for 2023-24:

  • Industry Relationships: ETAG is committed to proactively developing strong relationships with major hotel groups operating within Georgia. This strategic move is aimed at fostering a deep understanding of the workforce challenges that these groups face. By identifying the pain points and unique challenges faced by the hospitality sector, ETAG can tailor its workforce development efforts to directly address these concerns.

  • Certification Opportunities: In addition to the academic support provided by universities, ETAG plans to explore the opportunities for additional certifications through technical institutes. Collaboration with universities participating in the Georgia Film Alliance will also be explored to ensure that the workforce is equipped with the precise skills needed to support the entertainment industry.

  • Training and Workshops: The high turnover rate in the hospitality sector is a long-standing issue. Therefore, it is imperative to identify the need for ongoing workshops and training programs. These initiatives will be designed to not only attract and retain talent in the

       hospitality industry but also to cultivate a skilled and specialized workforce.

  • Advocacy Role: ETAG recognizes the importance of serving as a voice on behalf of the hospitality and travel industry. The alliance will step in and advocate for the industry when needed, addressing concerns, and ensuring that the interests of this sector are effectively represented.

  • Collaboration: Rather than working in isolation, ETAG will actively seek collaboration with existing efforts and initiatives aimed at supporting workforce development within t


Optimize and Support Future Entertainment Tourism Opportunities:

Background: Across Georgia, various towns and cities have recognized the potential of the entertainment industry as a consistent source of economic impact through tourism. This recognition is an encouraging sign for Georgia's 159 counties, each of which must explore creative avenues to capitalize on the burgeoning entertainment industry. Entertainment tourism presents a unique opportunity for all counties, regardless of size, to generate economic impact.


Goals for 2023-24:

Success Formula Identification: ETAG will take an in-depth approach by conducting interviews with event organizers and municipal leaders from towns and cities that have successfully leveraged entertainment tourism. These interviews will aim to uncover the underlying formula for success. This formula will encompass factors such as event planning, marketing, infrastructure, community engagement, and public-private partnerships. The goal is to thoroughly understand and document the components that have contributed to their success.

Training and Workshops: Recognizing that knowledge sharing is essential for supporting counties and municipalities looking to develop or maximize their entertainment tourism opportunities, ETAG will assess the need for regular training, workshops, and meetings featuring expert panels. These events will serve as a platform for expert guidance, idea exchange, and best practices sharing.

Information Hub: To facilitate the exploration of entertainment tourism opportunities, ETAG will aim to become a comprehensive information hub. The alliance will actively source and centralize data, resources, and opportunities related to entertainment tourism. This information will be made readily available to ETAG members, supporters, and anyone seeking to engage in this sector.

Brain Trust: ETAG recognizes the value of expertise in the field of entertainment tourism. To harness this expertise effectively, the alliance will establish a brain trust comprising experienced entertainment tourism experts. This expert group will proactively engage with counties and municipalities around the state. By providing insights, guidance, and support, they can play a pivotal role in the development of new entertainment tourism opportunities.

These detailed strategic priorities are designed to empower ETAG in fulfilling its mission to promote and enhance Georgia's entertainment tourism sector. By collaborating with key stakeholders, academic institutions, and industry leaders, ETAG aims to drive positive change, promote workforce development, and create opportunities for counties and municipalities to maximize their economic potential in the vibrant world of entertainment tourism.

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